Now if you want to see the courses after science stream then you can go for Basic Science Course like BS/BSc or in professional course like Engineering, Medical etc. All this courses are either good for academic or for professional life and you can earn really good. Something that interests you today, may not be your call in the future. But all through your school life you have been struggling to even pass in the subject. So, considering your interest you need to know what you are good at. Envelop your interest, your strength, your passion and then make the right choice. Start Your Own Business — In the commerce program, you will learn about all elements of running a business.

commerce or science which is best

Don’t be concerned if you intend to attend professional courses in various professions and are perplexed. Our mentors can give you excellent advice and assistance to ensure you have a successful future. You will have to wait for your file to be examined after you have uploaded the application materials and paid the application cost . If your file demonstrates that you meet the admission standards, you will be invited to a Zoom/Skype or face-to-face interview. On a rolling basis, several academic programmes accept applications. The majority of programmes offer two admission periods, one in the winter/spring and one in the summer/autumn.

Subjects that can be picked up from other streams include Mathematics, Economics and Marketing. Arts students can opt for a career in Mass Communication, Journalism, Writing, Film Making, Literature, teaching and many more. Students who choose Arts stream cannot choose degree course which falls under Science and Commerce streams for undergraduate studies in India. However, if you pick up Economics and Math, you are eligible to opt for Economics or Commerce in college. Based on the subjects, candidates can get into various courses after completing their 12th board exams that offer great career growth.


BST is a self-study subject.Need coaching for all the core subjects.Time ConsumingAccounts is time-consuming, while Economics and BST require less time.All science subjects require a significant amount of study time. The science field is basically practically oriented and develops the students to become employable by developing practical skills. They have to ensure that their organization completes all the required legal filings such as annual earning disclosures, tax obligations, quarterly earning disclosures, and many others. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India organizes the exams and courses to become a Company Secretary in India.

Diverse Careers – The science area offers a wide range of opportunities. In this sector, you can work as anything from an engineer to a physicist. You have the luxury of choice and the option to pursue something you actually care about while earning a solid living.

Career opportunities in both streams

Till the 90s, the bachelor courses offered after the intermediary education were pretty distinctive. Students in streams of arts, commerce, and science look forward to making the right choice by selecting any of the popular courses after the 12th. Given below is the list of courses in the above mentioned three streams that can help students make an informed and great choice aligning with their interest and career aspirations after passing secondary class. There is an Engineer in every home what I had seen in last 2-3 years.Engineering is becoming the most popular field. Basically it is a Technical field who actually wants to do technical work they should prefer engineering.As I saw that many people completed their engineering but they are searching jobs in banks. If you really interested then go for it otherwise go for commerce it is also a good stream. After 12th a student has many options to choose for higher education in India.

However, it is certain that both Commerce and Science stream has a good scope in the future. With the growing economy, jobs in the public and private sectors are increasing, presenting new opportunities to commerce students. Commerce provides variety of high salary courses after B.Com, BBA and other specialization, by pursuing them students can unlock the new opportunities for themselves. From the subjects to the complete learning experience, everything is different. In this article, we have mentioned the comparative study between science and commerce streams.

It is not imperative to have maths as one of your subjects in the 12th standard to pursue this degree. You only need to be a 12th pass student to be eligible for this course. In a B.Com course, you get to study corporate tax, company law, financial accounting, bookkeeping, business management, audition, etc. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for students who want to pursue finance, insurance, accounting, and business career. After completion of this course, professionals can opt for a career as a tour operator, travel agent, tourism consultant, ticketing staff, airline employee, and many such career options. The salary in the commerce stream ranges between 5 and 20 lakhs INR per year, depending on the job profile and company you work for. High-paying jobs in the Science field include, among other things, computer science, engineering and technology, medical sciences, and psychology.

The career options in commerce are – economics, management, statistics, hotel management,CA, CS,Baking, accountant, financial planner, cost accountant, CFA, CPA, and many more. Science has options like – medicine, zoology, engineering, forensic science, and more. It doesn’t matter which industry you are choosing to work in,understanding Commerceis valuable for your career prospects. From the financial Markets and the Economics of the management practices, you will be studying commerce where it will offer you the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a successful career ahead. Mainly companies like KPOs and BPOs prefer employees who are from accounts and Finance backgrounds.

On the other side of the shore, accountancy, business studies, and economics are uncharted territories for a student in grade 11 and promise an exciting journey ahead. All the subjects in commerce are new to the kids and promise a fresh start in the academics for the curious minds. The commerce stream after completing class 10th board exams is one of the most popular choices in India. This is because this stream offers them a large range of career options to pursue after completing the 12th board exams. However, while choosing the commerce stream, students must have a certain aptitude for commerce, so they study the subject with an interest.

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