The nature of coding, however, is different from what a software engineer does and is more data-driven. Given the substantial demand for data scientists and lack of supply, data science pays around 25,000 USD more. Whereas Software engineers typically hold an engineering degree in IT, software engineering, etc. As a result, a significant trend emerges where computer science professionals dominate the field of data science.

Data can be digital, using binary numbers, or represented through analog signals. For example, a good level of coding effort is required to create complex graphs. Also, if dashboards are to be made that are to be hosted on web servers, then computer science skills are needed. Data scientists need to have a basic understanding of languages like Python and R.

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We need our youth to get into areas where there is a higher barrier for entry. First, I want to make it clear that computer science is not the only field with opportunities. India has made significant progress in biotechnology and vaccine manufacturing. Biotechnology is an area that has tremendous promise for start-ups and innovation, especially in the wake of the pandemic. There’s a global focus on biotechnology and pharmacy and yet our students don’t see the value in pursuing bioengineering and biotechnology.

A lot of the decisions that engineering students make these days are guided by the FOMO factor rather than any technical reasons. They want to study computer science in a particular institute and land a particular job immediately after BTech. This mentality is hurting innovation and depriving talent for research programmes. The sooner our youth get out of this FOMO phobia and gain some confidence for taking independent decisions, the better it will be for the nation and for themselves.

Plagiarism is the use of other’s published and unpublished ideas or words without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. Self-plagiarism refers to the practice of an author using portions of their previous writings on the same topic in another of their publications, without specifically citing it formally in quotes. Engineers have an advantage over other engineers as they can earn while they study. They can set themselves in their local area in the IT Support, web development or any other domain. This helps aspirants gain necessary skills and a greater platform to showcase their skills and step up on their career ladder. The job market for computer engineers is constantly growing and Computer Science students have greater chances of being professionally employed.

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Computer Science is one of vast field and it is most difficult task to find out the research topic in the field of computer science. These innovations are very helpful for human life and making few tasks easy to perform. Computer science is the only field that is the base of several other field of engineering and science. The University of Washington host the complete bibliography including the abstracts of the IJCA published articles via OAIster database. IJCA regularly releases the article bibliographies to university library databases from 2010.

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Journal Citation Reports is a comprehensive resource, a product of Clarivate Analytics published as a part of the Science Citation Index. It allows evaluating and provides information about all areas of science, technology, and academic journals, including impact factors and rankings of many journals based on millions of citations. Web of Science is a unifying research tool that provides multiple databases to users for acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating database information promptly. It determines and accepts contents based on impact, influence, timeliness, peer review, and geographic representation.

It’s time we take the right steps to unleash this potential for the benefit of the country. The PennState University Libraries comprise 36 libraries at 24 locations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Your decision on the discipline to pursue should be based on your interest, skills, and capabilities.

Data Scientist vs. Computer Scientist: Roles and Responsibilities

To publish research papers, research articles, review papers, mini review, case study and short commutations in all areas of human study without financial restriction. • Publishes research papers, articles and manuscripts that overwhelms ideas, innovations and discussions of scientific excellence in the above areas. IJCST is a scholarly open access Online Journal which helps to academic person as well as student community. IJCST provides the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Technologies. IJEACS publisher is continuously trying for expending of articles indexing and distribution with more reputed databases.

CLOCKSS has been designated as trustworthy, and it preserves scholarly publications as long-term in original format. The Bibliometric Research Indicator indexes an overview of research production from research publications. The BFI list of series contains journals, book series, and conference series. BFI list maintained by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The University Library of Southern Denmark.